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We use your family's preferences, dietary habits and time contraints to create a balanced and delicious weekly mealplan with simple recipes for you. The automatically generated shopping list makes your trip to the supermarket easy and fast. Or order your groceries directly online. And while cooking, we guide you, step-by-step.

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quick recipes


Easily answer the constant "What's for dinner?" question. Shorten or skip the trip to the supermarket. Know that it will be ready when you need it and that it will turn out great.

delicous recipes


Meet all eaters' taste preferences. Ensure that all dietary restrictions are taken care of. And get everyone involved in the process.

healthy recipes


Guarantee a balanced diet over the week. Expand your culinary horizon and nutrient variety through new ingredients and preparation techniques.

simple recipes


Know exactly what you need and therefore buy less. Use everything you buy and don't throw out any food gone bad. Avoid unnecessary and costly take-out.

Ready set dinner in 5 easy steps

customized to family preferences

Fill in your family's preferences and restrictions.

individualized weekly mealplan

Get a balanced weekly mealplan with customized recipes.

simple and delicious recipes

Check recipe details and swap, if desired.

aggregated shopping list

Use the automated shopping list to buy all ingredients.

easy to follow cooking instructions

Follow simple instructions to cook with ease.

Find ideas for tonight's dinner in our sample recipes

How about Chicken Paprika Stew with Rice, a Burrito Bowl, Pumpkin-Bacon Farro on Arugula Salad or a juicy Steak with Butternut Squash Polenta?